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Welcome Deepak Electricals!
Deepak Electricals specialize in Central Air Conditioning repairing, Window , Split, Duct able, Cassette, VRV, Package, Chiller Plant, AHU Repairing, Servicing, Compressive AMC. New Installations, Servicing for air conditioning systems. We have a experience of more than ten years in providing services both the residential and commercial markets and have earned excellent reputation.Deepak Electricals offers a complete line of air conditioners to meet every need. We offer full service on all type of air conditions.Our crews of professional technicians are well trained who troubleshoot, repair, replace or install all Air Conditions makes and models: any residential or commercial system.
Services & Maintenance
Our Other Services
• We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Licensed Electrical Contractors & Consultants approved by PWD Govt. Providing Electrical Services in Mumbai & various metros all over India.
• We provide Electrical & AC Operating Maintenance Contract.
• Execution, Testing & Commissioning of external / Internal Electrical Installations for Industrial & Commercial premises including Maintenance of the same.
• Carrying out complete Earthing work as per I.E Rules & Regulations.